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Our passion for education and recruitment is focused on providing the best, most innovative and most holistic patient care.

Holistically Team

Who are we?

Holistically was founded by experienced healthcare professionals. We have worked in different countries, including Switzerland, and this experience has enabled us to understand and identify the needs and priorities of patients, as well as those of our colleagues, all healthcare professionals. At Holistically we offer language and training courses and help you find interesting job opportunities in Switzerland.

What do we offer?

Our multilingual team is made up of nurses, psychologists, teachers and administrative staff who support all our customers in their search for a job in the healthcare sector, in the recruitment process for our customers and offer training and language courses.

Language and Training Courses

We offer training and language courses for professionals, as well as training and short courses for institutions and healthcare professionals.
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Finding the right talent

We'll help you find the right job for your talents and training. If you are an institution, we can help you find the best talent.
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Consulting and Coaching

Our team of experts offers advice sessions and personalised coaching to hospitals and individual professionals.
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Let us help you realise your dream of living and working in Switzerland.

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